Smokehouse Blue

The Smokehouse Blue marching jazzband plays jazz in the New Orleans traditional style and "marches" along as it does so in the time-honoured manner of the old New Orleans street marching bands, at Mardi Gras, Festivals and Funerals, as they still do there today.



The band normally comprises about eight musicians all led by the Grand Marshal in his traditional black coat and hat, wearing his sash and carrying his decorated umbrella. The band plays such tunes as Bourbon Street Parade, Darktown Strutters Ball, Marching Through Georgia, Precious Lord Lead Me On and, of course, When The Saints Go Marching In.

Apart from the traditional New Orleans tunes of the early 20th Century, we regularly play many well known jazz tunes from later years, such as All Of Me, Five Foot Two Eyes Of Blue and Who's Sorry Now. The band has played in numerous carnivals, at village fetes and festivals, at agricultural shows, in the Lord Mayor of Norwich's street procession and for Anglia Television's Telethon Appeal and at lots of other events. For a list of the events we have played at in recent years, please see page three of our web site.

The band usually expects to play two forty-five minute sessions either marching or static, or more often a mixture of the two. As a further explanation, please note that the band is definitely not a marching band in the military style, i.e. we don't march and counter-march. Our style is more to weave in and out amongst the spectators or stalls or side shows, playing as we go and occasionally stopping to form a circle and play a number or two.

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